Sports Management Academy

Dunbar Athletics  

The mission of the Dunbar Sports Management Academy is to provide all participating students with the insight into the sports and entertainment industries. Our students will not only be introduced to a broad array of career opportunities, but they will also leave with a solid understanding of the sports management and business disciplines that constitute and contribute to the business of sports such as management, advertising, sponsorship, technology, marketing, law, media, and other areas related to the sports and entertainment industries

Dunbar Sports Management Academy students will: 


  • Learn business concepts through classroom lectures from the teacher in addition to sports business faculty as well as the executives of leading sports and entertainment companies. 

  • Wrestle with real-life scenarios through in-class exercises, in which sports and entertainment business leaders and decision makers tackle important issues. 

  • Visit sports/entertainment venues/offices to learn first-hand about the implementation of business principles. 


Students that participate in the program will have a basic understanding of the following: 


  • Operation of college and professional sports teams and leagues/conferences 

  • Marketing, financing, promotion, licensing branding of sports teams and leagues 

  • Advertising, sponsorship, media, and other interest that support the sports and entertainment businesses 

  • Various job and career opportunities within the field of sports and entertainment 


The Dunbar Sports Management Academy Advantage: 


Collaborative Learning Environment that brings the most passionate, driven students into one program to grow and develop one another 


Career Focused Curriculum designed to give students the skills they need to land the job they want in the industry they love 


Promotion of Student Success by fostering business connections, establishing and leveraging relationships with industry leaders, and preparing students for life after graduation.