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Engineers are the greatest agents for change in our society. They turn research and theory into tangible reality: the machines, tools and systems that define the modern world. An investment in the encouragement and education of tomorrow's engineers is an investment in a brighter future for us all. The Dr. Charles Drew STEM Academy at the Historic Paul Laurence Dunbar High School of Washington DC is a breeding ground for young engineers, a place where we work together to make the world a better place one child at a time.   

The Dr. Charles Drew STEM Academy at Dunbar High School (DREW) offers its students coursework in Engineering using the Project Lead the Way curriculum. To expand our program and improve the student learning experiences, we are taking the Engineering course into the CORE classroom. There should be interdisciplinary planning, learning and classroom opportunities across all grade levels in the engineering program. The Dunbar Engineering Academy should be a very engaging small learning community that will provide opportunities for design thinking, innovation, critical thinking and exchange between students, teachers and industry professionals.

NAF’s educational design is built around four essential elements of practice: Academy Development & Structure, Advisory Board, Curriculum & Instruction, and Work-Based Learning. Each of these elements is comprised of standards that articulate important aspects of NAF’s educational design. These standards are the cornerstone of the Quality Process that is used to determine academy levels of fidelity.


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Work-Based Learning

Academy students have opportunities to earn industry -recognized certifications and college credits. They will learn “ABC’s –Attitudes, Behavior and Communications needed in today’s workplace. Students participate in resume writing workshops, mock interviews, career exploration site visits, internships and gain critical job-ready knowledge

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