Mental Wellness

The Dunbar High School mental health team know that good mental health is critical to the success of our students in school and in life. We work to help improve student's social, emotional, and academic growth and development. We support students in their classrooms, home, and community. We understand that mental health is not simply the absence of mental illness but also encompasses social, emotional, and behavioral health and the ability to cope with life's challenges. If you or someone you know in the Dunbar community needs mental health services, we are here to help. Some of the services we provide are:

  • providing strategies and skills to help students improve their focus and concentration.
  • linking students to practical resources to help families gain access to food, clothing, and transportation.
  • providing therapeutic intervention to help students cope with stress, trauma, and grief.
  • leading small-group sessions to support students with relationship building.
  • providing referrals for community-based services.
  • completing comprehensive assessments to help school teams make data-informed decisions.
  • Liaison between students and teachers.
  • Help students with academic social/emotional and problem-solving skills.
  • Utilize evidence-based treatment methods.

Feel free to reach out to anyone on our mental health team for support and services to address any social, emotional, and behavioral needs you or someone you know may be experiencing.

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